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Light is EVERYTHING in photography. At Lumen Spot, we aim to make finding the perfect light as simple as possible. Enter a location of interest and find out the sun position for the day and get inspired by the vision of other photographers at that location!

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The Sun

The Sun is the most critical light source we have. Looking to capture breathtaking portraits at that golden hour or take advantage of the blue hour for cold landscapes? Read on to find out more about what the sun times we provide mean to you.

Golden Hour: the time when the sky is filled with golden red-yellow tones. Diffused light with low contrast has a warming effect on your photos. This magical condition occurs briefly in the morning from the end of civil twilight through the beginning of the sunrise. In the evening you can catch the golden hour toward the end of sunset and into the beginning of civil twilight.

Blue Hour: the time just before golden hour in the morning (beginning of civil twilight) and just after, in the evening (end of civil twilight). The sky’s color will be cool and saturated, filled with deep blue. This can be a great time for urban photography, moon shots, and cool landscapes.

Twilights: In the morning the sun rises through astronomical twilight, nautical twilight, civil twilight and the full sunrise. In the evening and into the night the sun sets to civil twilight, nautical twilight, astronomical twilight and into nighttime.

  • Civil Twilight: where the golden and blue hours can be found.
  • Nautical Twilight: provides diffuse, blue light which can be great for capturing silhouettes or longer exposure shots.
  • Astronomical Twilight: darker sky and more visible stars. This is the time for those beautiful shots of the milky way.


Sunrise Sunset, freely provides us with the information about sunrise, sunset, and twilight times for locations around the world you are excited to photograph. All the information is provided without warranty of any kind.

500px, allows photographers to showcase and sell their work. The inspiration images provided by this service are not meant for copying, downloading, or selling. All rights are reserved by the photographers. If you want to see a picture at full size or if you want to see more by the photographer, click on the image to link to the photographer’s profile.

Weather Undergound, provides weather conditions for specific locations. Lumen Spot shows current conditions to aid in your photographic decisions. Please follow the provided links for more detailed conditions and forecasts and to find out more about Weather Underground’s services.